Love…it’s that simple

MurphyMurphyYou hear people say, it’s hard to put into words. This does not apply to the love between our blessings sent to us on loan from God…our dogs, or in this case our Lab (Labrador Retriever) Murphy “btw…dog is God spelled backwards. “

People say it’s hard to put into words, because you don’t have to put it into words. A glance…a wag of a tail…a gentle hug…a brush against your leg says exactly what it feels like. LOVE! He loves you deeply and yes…you love him so deeply too!

Brad and I spent the night sleeping next to Murphy on the floor last night, not really understanding what was wrong, but knowing something was and that if Murphy was going to be anywhere that didn’t feel good…we were going to be right there with him. It’s been a long day for Murphy and us. We are all back home and so is Murphy. I’m putting out a little request for extra prayers. Please include Murphy tonight? Smooches and xoxoxoxo, Julie

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  1. Ooooh hi Julie,

    I just read your last post about your furry baby not feeling well, I’m so sorry… If only they could speak and let us know what is wrong. I will send positive vibes your way and Murphy will be in my prayers tonight.
    Keep me posted on how he is doing ok? So sad when our Buddies are sick … 🙁

    Did you watch the red carpet? I got to watch a little of it, I think it’s fun and everyone is so so well dressed!

    Yes I will let you know ahead of time the dates I will be in Redlands, was hesitating to drive to Rancho Santa Fe and stay there the last 2 days which would be the 1st few days of June.

    I’m looking forward to reading good news about Murphy, hoping he will feel better real soon!

    Big kiss and hugs,
    Love Sherri XOXO

    1. Hi Sweet Sherri,

      Murphy is not doing well. We are beside ourselves with sadness! He is such a part of the family after 12 years. I will update when we know more. All we know now is that he is amazing and also has a tumor attached to his spleen. So…not such good new yet. Thank you Sherri, your kindness means so much to me.

      Smooches xoxo

  2. Hi Dear Julie,

    I had a feeling this was not going to be good news. So sad that your Bud is not well ;-(

    That is was scares me most about life… I have no words but I’m thinking about you, your Murphy and praying for you & your family…

    Big hug and positive thoughts to you Julie,

    Your friend Sherri XOXO

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