luminaries for spring and summer

summer luminariesOkay, so you know how I mentioned we are leaving behind the hassle or dumping too much money into our long awaited remodel. Well…it’s official. We are moving into a beach cottage for the summer, if not longer.  “OMG, why so many…boxes, boxes and more boxes”? Life is in a box at the moment.  However, with the upcoming move I’m inspired and terrified at the same time. “That kind-of sounds like everyday”…

The cottage has a beautiful deck for outdoor entertaining and with the beach out our back gate, I envision friends, margaritas, great food, beautiful sunsets and lots of laughs. I’m sure all this will come after the total shock and trauma of the move. These little luminaries will be lining my outdoor table. If you think about the possibilities, you come up with place settings, wedding ideas and even gifts. The possibilities are as endless as our imagination. Go for it…and share with the rest of us.  (The step by step directions are at the bottom of the post…read more)diy luminariessummer luminariesdiy luminariesdiy luminariesdiy luminariesdiy luminariesdiy luminariesxoxo, JulieStep-by-step directions here:

  1. Cheap 99cent store glass candles (minus the Jesus) cut the wick.
  2. Vellum paper, cute twin and tags (Michael’s)
  3. Word Art or a graphic program for text (I used 48 pitch, centered at one third of the page).
  4. What to say: What ever you want…
  5. Cut about one inch off the vellum. Just enough to keep in from burning.
  6. Hot glue along the edge of the vellum, glue the edges together fast…
  7. Tie tag on with cute twin.
  8. Now go eat, drink and laugh with good friends for hours. xoxo


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