Meatballs and polenta

top secret meatballsHey Loves…Happy Monday and “grrrr, heavy-sigh, ug” it’s Monday! Now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk about deliciousness. Deliciousness as in perfectly seasoned turkey meatballs served with creamy polenta and marinara. Let me start by sharing my “TOP Secret” with you; it’s all about the best breadcrumbs on the face of the planet from Seaside Market in Cardiff California (you can order them here and be sure to try the burgundy tri-tip too AKA, Cardiff Crack…”trust me, you’ll thank me later”). The breadcrumbs have such great flavor and seasoning that that’s all you need to season your meatballs.

1 LB lean ground turkey
1 Cup of Seaside breadcrumbs
½ Cup breadcrumbs to roll the meatballs in
1 egg
1 Jar of quality organic marinara sauce
Polenta recipe is here on food network with Alton Brown

Combine the turkey, egg and breadcrumbs and form balls with a small ice cream scoop. Roll the balls into breadcrumbs to coat and place them into a mini muffin pan and bake at ~400 for 20 minutes. Serve over polenta, top with marinara and cheese.
bread crumbsturkey meatballsturkey meatballsmeatballs and polentaThis post is sponsored by Seaside Market, but all authentic opinions are my own. If you would like to know more about my sponsored disclosure, read here.xoxo, Julie_

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