mimi made cake pops

No news to those of you who follow the blog.  Mimi is a much better baker than I am.  I can put it away with a main dish, but baking things that look pretty, not so much a strong point for me.   I love the way she used different sprinkles, so they don’t all look the same.   I come in at the end with the cut paper, glued onto the sticks, like leaves.  Tie a bow on a jar so they resemble a flower arrangement for presentation.  Super yummy and cute too.  Mimi makes everyday an event for me…  xoxo{Recipe is easy, Pillsbury cake mix with frosting mixed in to hold the shape.  Mimi made homemade butter cream, because it’s just so darn delicious, but you can use Pillsbury frosting too.}

{Mimi used Nestle white chocolate chips with a little oil in a double boiler}

{Sprinkles in all shapes and colors}


{cut leaves out of memory book paper found at Micheal’s}

xoxo, Julie

  1. I love your blog, but just wanted to say that you seem to spell the name, “Michael” wrong very often, just so you’re aware, it is “ael” not “eal”– Love the blog and love your creativity!!!

    1. Thank you Simone! I type so fast and for what ever reason it does not get under lined for spell check. You are awesome to pass it on and I’m thrilled you like the blog…

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