mondays menu black bean salad stuffed avocado

There is nothing like a California avocado.  The best ever!  They are so meaty and flavorful that they can actually be an entire meal.   Today, they are  perfect stuffed with the addition of Bush’s black bean salad with mango, a little red onion, cilantro, Nature Sweet tomatoes and fresh squeezed limes from our tree.  I do drizzle a little bit of olive oil and champagne vinegar to bring the flavors together.   So simple, so healthy and so easy.  Make everyday an event…

{What you need.  I only use 1/3 onion, most of the cilantro and about half a container of tomatoes}

{Drain the black beans and chop all the ingredients.  Squeeze a generous amount of lime and drizzle with olive oil and champagne vinegar}

{This is a pretty presentation.  Great to share with some friends.}

xoxo, Julie


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