mondays menu cream puffs

This classic pastry and cream dessert brings back memories from my childhood.  The kids, not so much.  It seems we are too busy these days to go traditional and simple.  Well, Mimi my amazing  culinary partner set out to make cream puffs.  As a reminder, I’m not the baker, Mimi is.  These turned out so yummy and as an alternative to my simple whipped cream, you can mix the whipped cream with a little vanilla pudding to give it a delicious rich creaminess.  Enjoy! xoxo                         {what you need for cream puffs}

{use a pastry bag to pipe dough onto parchment lined sheet}

{perfectly brown and fluffy}

{the right shade of cooked}

{open the bottom of cream puff to fill}

{dust with powdered sugar}

{serve and enjoy}

xoxo, Julierecipe

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