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Brad calls these bridge sandwiches.  I call them cucumber  finger sandwich.  I know what he means by bridge sandwiches.  Both of our mothers played in bridge groups while we were growing up.  Each person in the group has a turn to host the get together.  This means a lot of work preparing the house and food for an all day event that would include festive beverages to complete the theme.  If my mom made cucumber finger sandwiches, she would likely have served them with a grass hopper or an orange gin fizz.  I don’t play bridge, but love a good old fashioned cucumber finger sandwich.  These will be an item included in my Easter brunch.  I will most likely serve them with margarita’s or champagne.  Cheers!  xoxo                       {cream cheese, fresh dill, lemon and cucumbers}

{cream cheese brick}

{sliced cucumber}

{cucumber sandwich spread}

{cucumber finger sandwich}

xoxo, Julie

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Mix cream cheese with fresh lemon, fresh dill, lemon pepper, seasoning salt and a dash of dry mustard.  Spread over both side of bread, layer with cucumber, season again and cut into fun shapes.


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