mondays menu, dinner for me

I actually really enjoy it when I’m the only one I need to worry about for dinner.   It’s rare, so when it’s just me I get to eat what ever I want and keep it simple.  I love pasta of any kind.  I found this adorable rainbow pasta in a cute little store in little Italy, down in San Diego.  I paired it with my new obsession, butternut squash pasta sauce “Yummy”!  I found this at a specialty market, Harvest Ranch Market in Rancho Santa Fe.  Its a Stonewall Kitchen product.  Harvest Ranch also has these perfectly portioned veggies ready to steam.   I topped the pasta sauce with sharp white cheddar cheese.  It was a really yummy option from the norm and squeezed a little fresh lemon on my steamed veggies.  The pictures are not my best shots, but the dinner was so easy and yummy.  I just wanted to share. xoxo                                              {veggie’s ready to steam}

{my dinner plate}

xoxo, Julie

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