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Mondays menu is eggs Benedict.  Who say’s eggs Benedict has to be on English muffins?   I’m guessing it was Benedict.   However, here is a simple mix up on the traditional recipe with Hollandaise sauce.   It is easier, makes less mess and holds up great for brunch or even brinner (breakfast dinner).

Take Pillsbury extra large crescent rolls.  Line a muffin pan with one crescent roll  each.  Mold the dough a little to create a cup in the pan.  The next layer is ham.  The ham serves as part of the mold.  It helps to keep the egg from leaking.  Crack the eggs into the  dough and ham molds, top with a little cheese.  Fold all the corners of the crescent rolls to the center of the cup.   Have them meet in the middle.  Cook according to the package.  When the timer goes off, I turn the oven off and leave the pan in for about 7 more minutes.  I use those 7 minutes to make the Knorr Hollandaise sauce.   I made these this weekend for Myles, Mimi, Jenna, Tarra and  Devin.  xoxoxo  Love it when the kids are home!

    1. Karen, usually I link the recipe at the bottom of my Monday’s menu post. In this recipe, it is so easy that I just put the simple directions in the paragraph under the first picture. I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes… xoxo

  1. Polly, on your computer or laptop you can print by using the printer tab above the email, or just do control + P. if you use a tablet open the page with safari, then you can print by tapping the box next to the email address.

    Can’t wait to try these.

  2. Looks great! One of my favorites, but so difficult to make. This looks much easier and dirties less dishes/pans. Does the yolk stay soft in the oven? Or does the egg cook completely? The soft yolk is my favorite part.

    1. Hi Kristy,

      This is so easy! I actually like the egg a little firmer then traditional eggs Benedict. When the crescent roll is done, I turn the oven off, crack the door to let some of the heat out. Then close the door and leave them in the oven another 10 minutes. You can see the egg get firmer.

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