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When my friend Bonnie asked me to try this espresso cupcake recipe, I was thrilled for the opportunity to do something nice for her and wanted to try something new.   I had this idea to present the cupcakes in a flower bucket after see how cute you can do cake pops.  The presentation was adorable, just what I had in mind.    However, they don’t transport well.   This is great for a stay home presentation.   The recipe was the bomb!  In fact, my family is completely over cupcakes, but they loved them!  I loved them too.   You would think that making the small cupcakes would be better for your figure because the portion is so small?  Maybe that would be the case if you don’t eat 7 at a time.  This is a must try.  Make every day an event…  xoxot

{espresso cupcake batter}

{orange cupcake liners, Sur La Table}

{cupcake flower bucket}

xoxo, Julie


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