mondays menu lion house rolls

OMG, Mini has kicked my ass in the kitchen again.   I have never been able to master good rolls and Mimi just put me to shame.

I have had Mimi trapped in the house all weekend with swollen cheeks from getting her wisdom teeth out on Friday.   We have started a quilt for Christmas, redesigned the wreath over the fireplace, peeled stickers off the centerpiece vase for the Thanksgiving table, searched Pinterest for delicious cookies and rolls for the upcoming food festivities that Thanksgiving brings. Not to mention, iced Mimi’s giant cheeks hourly for the past three days.   Mimi found Lion House Rolls from the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything.   Seriously if you’re going to have rolls of any kind, these are the bomb dizzle and will absolutely be at our Thanksgiving table, compliments of Mimi.   Make everyday an event. xoxo

{technique click here} 

{recipe here}

xoxo, Julie

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