mondays menu pizza, for two

Yes you can please everyone.  I’m a little obsessed with the wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s.  It’s just so easy to make pizza how ever you want it. Mimi’s half  has barbecue sauce, red onion, cheese and her favorite meatballs from Harvest Ranch Market deli.   My half has my homemade yogurt ranch dressing, goat cheese, asparagus, cranberries and a little parmesan cheese.   I always  try to keep a pizza dough on hand.  The meatballs are the only thing I did not have on hand.  I had picked them up on the way home knowing that Mimi would be happy to see them.  Super fast, super easy and super delicious.  Enjoy!  xoxo

{one half veggie one half meatballs}

{my half and mimi’s half}

xoxo, Julie

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