mondays menu quick fix crab cakes and asparagus

We all have those days when we are just too tired and too hungry at the same time to fuss about dinner.  When asparagus is in season, I always have it on hand.  A quick stop into one of my favorite specialty markets (Harvest Ranch) to pick up some cook and serve crab cakes, add a small salad and a little homemade ranch dressing…  Ta Da!  You have a delicious dinner.

To cook the asparagus, just sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast for about 8 minutes at 400`.  Remove from oven, squeeze a little fresh lemon, sprinkle with fresh grated parm and cranberries.   Cook the crab cakes in a stove top skillet until brown on both sides.  So easy and so yummy!  Let me know how it goes?  xoxo

xoxo, Julie

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