mondays menu, spinach salad with grilled peaches and panko crusted goat cheese

I know it’s Tuesday and I still think it’s Monday.  I love holidays, but those extra days off kind of tweak my timing.  None of us want to go without Monday’s menu.  So, here it is better late than never. BTW, this is ridiculously delicious and easy.  I’m having it again tonight.After an entire four days of fabulous food with friends, Brad and I were craving something a little light and predominantly green.  The combination of grilled peaches and the deep green in spinach screamed, make a main meal salad.

Here is the dressing recipe.  I made a little adjustment by putting 1/4  red onion and some dried cranberries  in the blender with all the other ingredients.   When ever you hear balsamic in one of my recipes, know it’s cherry.  I love cherry balsamic, always!  The peaches are so perfect this year.  I lightly brushed them with olive oil and balsamic.    Then cooked  the peaches fast on the stove top grill, about 1 minute per side.   The panko goat cheese was the perfect finishing touch.  Freeze the goat cheese for a little while before you prepare.  Do this step last, just before you assemble the salad.  When the cheese is cold and holds shape, break apart and mold into a ball.   Drop cheese into an egg bath, then drop into 1/4 cup panko and one tablespoon flour to coat.  I use about 1/4 inc. hot peanut oil to lightly brown the crusted ball.  Don’t forget to wash the spinach and break off the steams.  Assemble the spinach on a plate, drizzle with dressing, top with peaches, cranberries and panko goat cheese.    I’m loving the recipe.   Did you?                                   {Peaches and spinach a perfect pair}

xoxo, Julie

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