mondays menu stuffed pretzel

OMG…seriously, so yummy, easy and such a satisfying snack.  Here’s how I came up with this brilliant deliciousness.   I have a little spot here in town where I grab my veggie drink and a stuffed pretzel several times a week.  The other day they were out of pretzels.  A creature of habit like me was almost crippled to know what else to do to replace my stuffed pretzel.   This goes for almost everything in my life.  If I can’t buy it, I will make it.

All you need is one roll of Pillsbury pizza dough, a package of frozen spinach thawed and sauteed in about one tablespoon of butter.  One small container of feta cheese.  Roll out the dough on a floured surface.  Stretch the dough as much as possible and cut into strips about two inches wide.  Line the strips with the cooked spinach and feta crumbles.   Bring the seams together by stretching the side nearest to you around the filling until the two sides overlap.  Secure the seam and gently stretch the stuffed dough into a long tube.  Roll it up like a pretzel and cook per the package directions.  When its done, brush lightly with butter and sprinkle with sea salt.  You will love this!  xoxo

xoxo, Julie


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