Murphy’s Law and the rescue of Murphy

Okay loves, Happy Monday! I’m sharing a little story about our Murphy with you today. I hate to bore you, but really you never know what a day is going to bring you and this last Sunday brought us fear, worry, joy, amazement and the upmost respect and appreciation for local Fire Fighters, EMTS, Life Guards and Law Enforcement.

As a reminder, Murphy is our 13-year-old Lab. He has no idea he’s that old. In fact, I’m pretty sure he still thinks he’s a puppy, so it’s still completely possible for him to get into mischief. Any-ways, most of you know that our beach cottage is right here on the coast of Encinitas California. Directly outside our back door are breathtaking views and really…really step cliffs.

Sunday morning Brad headed out the gate with all three dogs, on leashes. He came back in the house about 5 minutes later with this look of bewilderment and said “Murphy has vanished; he looked at me as I chased Penelope with this look like…by Brad-Dad, you’ve been great, but I’m out here.”

Brad looked like he had seen a ghost. We both took off to looking for Murphy when someone caught Brads eye pointing that he sees Murphy. Somehow Murphy had fallen down the cliffs and was stuck.

You can see the slide show; it was an amazing turn out of local support to rescue Murphy from the cliff. It completely brings tears to my eyes just typing these words. AMAZING is an understatement. I love each and every one of on the team who showed up to save Murphy. It was no easy task! They are so unbelievably well trained .  As one Fire Fighter said to me, a life is a life.

By the time the rescue was complete, a crowd of on lookers for the bottom of the cliffs and the lookout cheered with the same gratitude and joy that was bursting from our hearts.

Murphy is home napping today and doing fantastic with his new Local Celebrity status. Smooches all, Thank you for letting me share. xoxo

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