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Hey Loves welcome to Monday. The good news about this Monday is that New Years comes this week and you know what that means…days off, Yippee!

Have you given any thought to changes you want to make in the New Year? I’m not talking about serious changes like…dumping a boyfriend or husband “unless he’s a total looser and in that case kick him to the curb.” I talking more like, what can you do that brings good change, but doesn’t mean more work or too much effort?

I have been giving this a lot of thought and in fact have a lot planned to share with you in the New Year as I set off to make my personal health and anti-aging a priority. Sounds fun, right?


In fact I have a head start with what was a big change for me…cutting my hair. Can you feel me? I see all these cute sassy styles, but chicken out when it comes to actually pulling the trigger and letting darling Melissa take off with her magic scissors.


So, drum roll please…Ta-dah, not only did Melissa give me a sassy  bob cut, she also completely overhauled my color with bright highlights and warm low lights and finally got me to try a few extensions to give my hair a little more fullness. I’m super thrilled with the color and shape. I think it makes me look more stylish and that feels good!



And…you know how I subscribe to sharing fabulous finds with you, because I think friend’s that keep fab-finds from one another aren’t friends at all. So, I’m super excited to share Melissa with you if you live here in San Diego. She is a highly trained and talented stylist who can really transform the way you feel about your hair.

Here’s How to Book with Melissa Hardie
Bombshell Salon 760-230-1400

and if you tell them “burlap and crystal” she will take 15% off your first visit through the end of February.

Also…a Huge Shoat out to Marife Albay Photography who took and provided the photos. She does beautiful family photography and is located here in San Diego. Smooches xoxox

burlapAndCrystal-18xoxo, Julie

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