Noel Christmas DIY for the door

Noel Christmas door basket with magnolia leaves. Easy DIYHey Love’s…anyone besides me a little burned out on turkey? Don’t get me wrong, leftovers from Thanksgiving are amazing, but by Tuesday the following week, it’s time to toss.

While we are on the subject of tossing, does anyone remember my Thanksgiving table? If you missed it, check it out here. I used magnolia leaves in natural and eggplant to embellish the theme. It was petty awesome if I may say so myself. Any-who, I loved the leaves so much that I didn’t want to toss them, so here is what I came up with as a décor DIY leftover.

What you need:
• One basket with handles, I got mine here
• 2inch double-sided satin ribbon
• Small pattern ribbon, Michaels
• Wood letters with clear hangers, Michaels
• Magnolia leaves or pine branches

Basket for Noel Door hanger

Noel door arrangement. Merry Christmas. Christmas decorating.

Noel door basket, attach the letters with ribbon.DIY:
• Cut 6 inch strips of the small ribbon
• Tie each strip to the plastic letter tag
• Lay out the letters on the basket to center and space evenly
• Tie the letters on and be sure to have them hang at the same length
• Measure how much 2inch ribbon you need to create a hanger on the door. I placed the basket where I wanted to see it on the door and then figured how much ribbon. Give yourself enough extra ribbon to tie off the ends.
• Tie separate bows with the 2inch ribbon to each side of the basket handles.
• Stuff the basket with magnolia leaves or pine branches.
• Hang and Be Happy!

Noel door basket easy Christmas decor DIY

Noel basket Christmas door decor.

Noel door hanger

    1. Thank you Lisa…I’m in the middle of Christmas decor and changing out the magnolia leaves for pine cones and tree trimmings.


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