Not so nice and mostly naughty list…

holiday gift ideas PicMonkey Collageho ho hoPicMonkey CollageIn my usual fashion this time of year, I can’t help myself from thinking about what I might put on my Christmas list. So, Woo-who you are getting the first peek. The possibilities are endless.

I personally consider myself a sophisticated Tom Boy. I prefer denim, flip-flops and boots as a basic foundation. I’m comfortable layering a plain cream, grey, white or black quality top or sweater and then wowing the look with accessories. Like a great colorful handbag, gorgeous cashmere scarf, fun whimsical jewelry and as a final pop of color on my cheeks or eyes.

Have you made your not so nice and mostly naughty list?

1. Seriously…These boots with the yellow bow; they captured me. Yellow ribbon…I’m in found here.
2. Kate Spade can do no wrong…just saying!
3. I have no idea what this candle smells like, but I do love dots and need them in my life.
4. Chanel blush…need I say more?
5. I’m a sucker for ribbons and bows. They just add that element of girly flirtation…count me in again.
6. Just love the chunky gold and black watch. I will most likely pare it with a tennis bracelet or pearls.
7. No ordinary sunglasses…it’s a bracelet and I’m smitten with it!
8. Baggy, but kind-of sexy black cashmere sweater…I’m in again!
9. A kick ass blow dryer to replace the one Brad broke…
10. Cashmere scarf…a little to predictable for me, but it looks good on the page… right?
here…xoxo, Julie

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