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chocolate chip cookiesI know; what’s the big deal with chocolate chip cookies? Well…it becomes kind of big deal, because I’m in search of the perfect recipe. I cook and bake so many amazing things, but the perfect chocolate chip cookie has never been mine. I don’t need to recreate the wheel if one actually exists. Hello? I’m looking for suggestions?

I gave this recipe a try a couple of weeks ago. They were really good by Felix K’s on allrecipies.com. I’m going to give this one more try, because I made a slight error in the preparation and I need to know if that is the one bomb dizzle detail that could make the difference between good and Awesome. Any-who please pitch in and help me out here. Someone has to have a magic CCC recipe? Smooches xoxo
chocolate chip cookieschocolate chip cookieschocolate chip cookieschocolate chip cookieschocolate chip cookiesxoxo, Julie

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    1. So Awesome; thanks Renee! I almost think I remember Emily’s post. I’m so ready for good old traditional…nothing fancy. I will give it a shot and update all. Smooches xoxo

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