one of my favorite things, a mothers treasure almost lost

This story is to huge to fit into one post.  So, I will try to keep it short.   My mother was not well as a young girl.  She spent a lot of her days sick in bed.  To help pass the time and keep her occupied, she read everything available in print and wrote letters to her favorite Movie Stars.  Over the years she collected hundreds of autographed photos.  I always adored sitting with her and looking through the pictures.  I was a huge fan of all the old movies, because I felt like I grew up with them too.  After my mother past away, this photo collection became a treasure to me.  Not because of the value, but because of memories I shared with my Mother, flipping through the pages, snuggle bugging together and watching old movies until 2:00am in the morning.

I almost lost this book in a piece of furniture I left in a storage.  The tale of how I got it back, strengthened my faith in God, restored my feelings in the goodness of humanity and took my love for my Husband Brad to a whole new level can come in another post, if you want to hear the story, TELL Me?

I did get the tattered book back and restored it by preserving the photos in this memory book for ESR (Evelyn Sue Roughton).  I hope you enjoyed this post.  It is a very special book to me.   xoxo

xoxo, Julie


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