One of those calls…Daddy

daddyHi Loves. I know a lot of you noticed I went MIA. Originally, I was at the furniture show in Las Vegas, but then my week turned into something different.

It’s hard to explain what “one of those calls” feels like, but there is a feel to them. The phone rings and the caller id, says Randy. Randy is my brother and it’s not unusual for him to call, but for some reason this day it feels like it’s going to be “one of those calls.” The call that lets you know something is really wrong. I almost let the phone ring through to voice mail, so I wouldn’t have to hear, but then on the very last ring…I pick it up.

I say Hey Bro, he say Hey Sis; it’s Daddy (only Randy says Dad and I say Daddy); He’s in the hospital now and heading to open-heart surgery in the morning. Randy says, we should call him now so he can get his rest. I’ll call first then text you when I’m off the call, so you can call him.

It’s my turn, my Daddy’s voice is on the other end; we talk just a few minutes. I tell him to put his kick ass boots on and get this thing. I then tell him I love him. He tells me how much he loves the children and me; I kiss the phone and say goodnight. For a quick flash I think…hang onto that I love you, what if it’s the last time I hear it; then I think positive and pray.

The next morning I’m doing my best to stay busy. Mimi and I had breakfast together and then headed over for groceries. I’m picking out Kumbacha and my phone rings. Caller id says (RANDY), I instantly knew, I don’t know how, but my heart was breaking before I could even swipe to answer the call. It was THE CALL that would start a chain reaction of “one of those calls” going out to everyone.

I’m doing okay even though my heart is breaking. I know he’s with God and at rest.  I’m sharing with you because; I wanted to remind you how precious life is. Every day is a gift, every I Love you a treasure. You never know when “one of those calls” will come, so use every opportunity to love the people in your life. My love to all of you, xoxo

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience because it is so easy to fall into the day to day without realizing that it could be someone you love or your last day on earth. I will be praying for your family.

    1. Ariel,
      Thank you for your sweet reach out. I appreciate the prayers and so glad felt my message.
      Hug’s, smiles and smooches,

    1. Lexie, thank you so much! I too know all things happen for a reason. Not feeling it yet, but I know and have faith that I will get there.

      Smooches xoxo

  2. Oh Julie, I’m so sorry for your loss… I’ve been thinking about you, sorry we missed eachother when I was in LA but I know you are so busy taking care of your family. Today is the 1st day I take my IPad and try to catch up with my reading and here I see this beautiful picture of you & your Daddy… My deepest sympathy to you & your family hopefully the aching will soften. Big hug to you Julie, Sherri XOXO

    1. Oh Sherry,

      Thank you so much! I was just thinking about you and I’m so glad you reached out to me. It means a lot to me!!! I’m sorry we didn’t get together and yes life is crazy and one things for sure…it’s not always easy. Love to you and your family!

      Smooches and hugs,

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