Organic Protein Veggie Salad

Organic protein salad

So, Hello! How are you? Hungry? Me too…so lets talk about eating a satisfying organic protein salad. Seriously, this is my new favorite go to snack. It last for several days and stays fresh and delicious. You-got-da try it; the deets are below. Smooches and enjoy!

Organic veggie protein salad

Organic Protein Veggie Chopped Salad

Organic protein salad with fresh veggies

Organic protein salad with lemon and cilantrorecipeWhat you need:

1 Box of organic rice pilaf
1 Can of organic kidney beans drained
1 Can of organic lentils drained
2 Lemons organic squeezed
1 Ear of corn cooked and cut off the cob
3 Organic carrots diced small
3 Organic stalks of celery diced
1 Small stalk of organic broccoli chopped small
1 Bunch of organic cilantro chopped

How too:

Cook the rice pilaf per the package instructions and set aside to cool. Open the cans of beans and drain them. Chop the carrots, celery, broccoli and cilantro. Cut the corn off the cob. In a large bowl combine everything together “gently so the beans don’t break apart.” Squeeze the juice from two lemons, remove the seeds and poor over the mixture and incorporate.

Organic Protein Veggie Salad

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