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organic mache rosettesSyco organic, gluten free hippie chick…not me! However, I make an effort to eat healthy most of the time and currently, as a reminder; Mimi is on a gluten free binge, so…I guess I am too?

Here’s what’s on the menu for Monday. Organic mache rosettes spring salad with blueberries, watermelon, Gorgonzola cheese and what might just be my new “fav” dressing, Bella’s blackberry and fig balsamic dressing. Seriously…this dressing is the bomb dizzle. Not only is this Bella’s delicious on EVERYTHING, it also happens to be gluten free, fat free, organic, no hfcs, contains noting artificial, no dairy, low in calories and its also vegan. Good stuff…right? BTW, just to let you know; I’m not getting paid or benefiting in any way from getting all excited about Bella’s. I simply adore the product and want to share good things with you.

Mache rosettes are a pretty cool green for a change up in a typical salad. I was able to find organic packaged rosettes by Organic Girl at Whole Foods Market in Encinitas. Here’s a little scope on Mache rosettes. They were originally grown in France but are now grown throughout the Country, as in US in several different varieties. If you are not familiar with mache rosettes they have a sweet nutty flavor unlike any other green and make a beautiful salad with their blossom like bunches. Additionally they are packed with good stuff like, lots of vitamin B, C, folic acid, iron and potassium. Add organic blueberries with their high level of antioxidants, some organic watermelon and you have yourself one super salad. Enjoy and smooches xoxo
organic mache rosettes spring saladorganic blueberriesIMG_2062organic mache rosettes spring saladxoxo, Julie

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