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f9639360cf7a9b35dc4ca73a3ce8a362Hello Loves! I’m busy spring cleaning and organizing. We are finally having weather that resembles the rest of the world and “ewww…I’m not loving it.” However, on the up side, it keeps me home and I’m getting my stuff in order. I tackled my office again, because I was feeling claustrophobic and completely discombobulated. BTW, it won’t be the last time I re-do my office, because Myles is planning on moving in several month and his room is already becoming my new office in my head

For now here are some styling and organizing inspirations that you can consider for your own home office.

1. A gallery wall filled will images that inspire you and make you happy
2. An inspiration board with notes, mementoes and inspiration
3. Shelving for organizing, mix it up and keep it visually interesting
4. Add pretty little details and give the space personality the resembles you
5. Boxes and containers to stack and label

Style is not about what’s hot or cool; style is expressing yourself in a way that is an authentic reflection of you. Have fun and go get you style on! Smooches xoxo

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