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style in storageHello Loves! It accrued to me yesterday after I posted my little moose office buddy that I completely forgot to show you the update to my home office, which is always a work in progress…just like me.

Any-who, do you ever get a totally panic feeling when something about a space is overwhelming you…like total claustrophobia? That’s where I was…bonkers…crazy, as in crazy lady. I have way too much stuff for my styling business that I need to have access to and the stuff was begging to swallow me. Kind of like the movie the fly…don’t let it eat me.

I had had it and wasn’t going to survive unless I made change. The shelving was a fab find from Ikea along with the new white desk. Let me just tell you how romantic it was for Brad and I spending our Saturday night pulling our hair, drinking way too many margaritas, blurting out expletives and stabbing holes in the Ikea assembly instructions. You know exactly what I mean if you have ever assembled Ikea. Fun…as in, Ikea just kill me already! Okay that’s the office story, I’m out of here…smooches xoxo
Oganization with a little style from Burlap and CrystalOrganization with a little style from Burlap and CrystalStyling an organized home office from Burlap and Crystalxoxo, Julie

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