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The Oscars 2014Happy Friday and woo-who, it’s time for the 86th annual Academy Awards, AKA the Oscars. Technically its not a holiday, but I treat it like one. Celebrating the Oscars to me is as important as celebrating the Super Bowl. It’s just that big of a deal! I love every minute of the day…following the red carpet from the second it starts (marking by best/worse dressed ballot) and absorbing all the details. Here are the details going down at my house this year. Keep it simple…so you can enjoy the show.

• The Ballot “E-mail me if you want me to send it to you” has all the categories and includes tie-breaker questions at the end. I will e-mail the answers with the ballot.
• Have everyone complete their ballot prior to the show…no cheaters allowed.
• I also have a Best Dressed Ballot and will be sending that out tomorrow.
• My daughter Lauryn, The Skinny Confidential is making mac and cheese and I have the cut little cup cake cups to put it in.
• The sandwich is in place of a hot dog (wrapped up Oscar).
• I use two kinds of popcorn Orville Redenbacher’s butter and kettle corn. I pop and combine them, then add a little melted butter, salt and about 1 TBL of brown sugar.
• The popcorn holder, confetti and production sign are from Party City.

Enjoy the weekend…e-mail me Julie@burlapandcrystal.com if you want a ballot. Smooches and xoxo
Oscar ballot 2014mac and cheeseVeggie sandwich for the OscarsPop Cornxoxo, Julie

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