park city utah pre sundance film festival

Once in a while you need to do something spontaneous…like hop a plane the next morning to go to Park City Utah with your friend…oh, and while you’re at it, grab your daughter and take her along too.  Yep, that’s just about how it happened.  I had coffee with Susie and before I could even leave the Pannikin Coffee and Tea we had all four of our flights booked, rental car arranged and ski in, ski out accommodations at the Marriott Mountain Side Resort in Park City Utah.

Our flight was early, as in 4ish in the morning. We landed in Salt Lake City during one of the biggest storms of the season. In fact, we would later learn from the locals that our three day visit was the coldest three days in over 9 years.  Yep again…just because you go all crazy and get spontaneous doesn’t insure weather etc. Any who, the four of us together can make fun happen anytime and in any conditions…and we did.

Mimi and Susie took advantage of the ski in, ski out about two seconds after we got to the resort. I watched them both disappear into the freezing cold and zero visibility. By the time we would all meet up again later, the sun was shining and the temp was warmer, -8 below zero now.  So, we headed out the door to the charming little city. Park City is bustling with activity, because the Sundance Film festival starts this upcoming week. Buildings are being constructed in parking lots. Vacant office space is being converted into venues. Festival signs line the streets .Moving trucks, equipment and cameras continued to increase in numbers as we approached our last day. The locals have it down and start the celebration long before the festival comes. We met some great people; kind, funny, cute, even handsome and informative. We had the pleasure of joining the local community at a Sundance film viewing (The Sessions) in the local library. “A little secret…bring your own bowl for pop corn.”  We laughed, we cried, we laughed again and then made fun of Susie for blubbering. I love to find a favorite spot and did; High West is an old distillery with amazing food, distilled beverages, super cool ambiance and outstanding service.  Check out my pics below for a glimpse of the trip. We had such a great time together, but it’s always nice to come home.  Smooches to all, xoxo  {Mimi and Jenna above, Susie and me below. We’re happy to be together.}                    {High West, my where to go pick in Park City Utah}xoxo, Julie

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