party like it’s 1776

Here comes the 4th of July.   I don’t ever, as in ever, put together a celebration for the 4th.  This is the one time of year when I completely enjoy letting someone else do the work.   That doesn’t mean I’m going to show up empty handed.  It just means, it’s my turn to kick back, hit the beach and play.  I messed around with a few idea’s  this weekend.  A watermelon martini. I made with tequila, but I’m sure it would be just as good with vodka as well.  It was actually really refreshing.  I froze the melon balls and used them like ice cubes.  The martini made me then digress to jell-0 shots.   I thought to myself, why do jell-o shots have to look so boring?  How can I give them a little flare.  Well, here you have it.  Jell-o shots pored into small watermelon half’s, then sliced after they set.  They turned out so cool looking, but seriously, know one should ever eat that much jello.  I would love a few more ideas?  What other fun 4th ideas can I do?

{The ultimate jell-o shot}

xoxo, Julie

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