peach strawberry cream cheese pastry

peach strawberry cream cheese tartSo this is pretty much the scoop on how I came up with this.  It was Saturday while strolling one of the local famers markets with Brad, some guy charms me over to is booth; sticks a slice of peach in my hand and oh yes-yes, I will take four.  The first thing that came to mine was peach cream cheese pastry, great idea, right?  I had it all planed, but did not consider Mimi and her friends making a pit stop in the house and eating every single peach… Grrrr teenagers!  This is the backup plan and although the peaches were not the same, it did taste fantastic.  Smooches xoxox

P.S. My camera is still in ICU, so hang in there with me and my faithful  iphone.peachstrawberriesPeach and strawberry cream cheese pastrycream cheese fillingegg wash pastryPeach Strawberry cream cheese pastryxoxo, Julie

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