peanut cluster moose pies

peanut clustersThis post came out of sheer desperation and well I have a little confession. Okay, a big confession. See’s candy has a store right by Homegoods. I know right? As if Homegoods wasn’t enough of a problem, go through in that stop to See’s Candies for my never satisfied peanut cluster fix and I’m just in trouble even pulling into the parking lot. Ohhhhh…and let me not dis-credit the sample handout at See’s “I will take anything in milk chocolate please”.

I’m getting to my point; hang in there with me. So, See’s has been around forever, right? This is correct. Apparently they are so particular about quality that the vendors for peanuts did not make the team this year. At first I thought, well its just going to be a couple of weeks before I get my clusters back. Nope, we are talking no peanut clusters until the vendors supply perfect product. Hi ho, hi ho, off to the store I go. I have See’s milk chocolate and store bought peanuts. I have my version of peanut clusters…I call them Moose Pies. Smooches xoxoxPeanut clusterspeanutsSee's milk chocolatepeanutsPeanut clusterspeanut clusterspeanut clustersxoxo, Julie

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  1. Hello Julie!

    I know exactly how it feels, driving in front of the Homegoods to go to a candy store grrrrrrrr…. I would have stopped at booth places ;-D. By the way if you are interested in Yummy chocolate come and visit us, we have delicious chocolate which I absolutely need to eat every single day …… And which is not helping my muffin cup :-/ question : is Crisco like margarine? Or more like coconut grease? I’m thinking about trying your above recipe for the holidays 😀

    Best regards Julie and thank you so much for you fun post!
    Love sherri

  2. Sherri,

    As always…you crack me up. We are two peas alike. Crisco is like solid cooking oil, but I think coconut oil would be better. In fact, I’m going to try it. It’s so good for you and Crisco…not so much.

    Smooches xoxo

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