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Hey Loves, Happy, Happy Thursday!

Is anyone getting excited for Christmas or the Holidays? The whole vibe of the holidays turns me into a child again. Well…actually, I’m still a child at heart and refuse to grow up. Maybe that’s why I’m bursting with excitement to share today’s fab-find with you.

Cuddle…giggle…smile…I’m completely smitten! As in, really over the moon smitten with Cloud Hunters hand dyed sheepskin pet bed for Penelope.

Seriously, how flipping cute is this little pink pillow of perfection?
pouch for cloud hunterI couldn’t possibly wait until Christmas to see Penelope enjoy her gift, so I opened upon receipt. Yep…she’s napping on it as I type.

I have to tell you how impressed I was with the packaging and presentation…every detail was with thoughtful perfection! The bed arrived in a beautiful organza bag tied with white ribbon and little pink roses. On the inside, the bed was rolled, tied with twine and had the most precious lavender sachet attached.

Cloud Hunter…Is the Bomb-dizzle for gift giving!

cloud hunter packaging details

cloud hunter made with love in california

Cloud hunter lavenderSee that lavender sachet above? It is divine!

 I have been aware of Cloud Hunter for a while, because the web-site and products are so stylish and cool. They have a whole line of beautiful bedding, pillows “I’m ordering this one,” dyed sheepskin rugs and even a super hot lingerie.

Seriously…trust me, check it out.

Perfect pink for PenelopeWhile Penelope loves…loves her sheepskin bed, I love…love finding great gifts the Holidays.

Thank you Cloud Hunter! I am officially obsessed with all you have!

Smooches xoxo



Thank you Cloud Hunter for providing the sheepskin pet bed for Penelope. I adore your products and truly appreciate your dedication to crafting quality USA made products. This entire post is 100% authentically my opinion.

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