pimping out the wreath for winter

I don’t have a good explanation for why I love wreaths so much.  I just do!  Maybe it’s because they send the universal message of welcome home?   I’m all about home and making it a place where our children, family and friends want to spend time together.   Did I just answer my own question?  Yep, I think I did…  Any how, I’m a five year old kid on the inside this time of year.  There is no stop to my excitement for celebrating and embracing the holiday season.  I’m a complete October, November and December addict.

Over the weekend I decided it was time to pimp out my wreath over the fireplace.  “I actually hate fake flowers, wreaths etc., but after a  real wreath burst into flames several years ago, I’m a little more Smokey the Bear conscious.”  Here are a few simple steps to dress up any room with a winter wreath.  If you go for this project, send me pics.   Make everyday an event… xoxo                     {This is an artificial wreath, but a good one}

{you can find all the supplies, here}

{Glue and reptile sand give the bulbs our beach feel.  Paint the bulb with glue in any design you can come up with then dip into the reptile sand}

{String the lights first and leave the plug to hand at the bottom}

xoxo, Julie

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