one of my favorite projects, pink glitter cloth pins

I did this project in November and loved it.  I had posted it on the site, but not many of you got to see it.  Here is one of my favorite posts.  Enjoy!

I guess you never really know whats going to inspire me to do a project.  Sometimes, it’s just as simple as seeing a package of cloth pins and thinking.  What can I do with these?   I can cover them in glitter, use them as a chip clip, a page saver or even clip up pictures on a cloths line.  The possibilities are as endless as my imagination… xoxo

burlap message bagsburlap message bagsHow to:

Pink glitter cloth pins:

You can find cloth pins at most drug stores.  I found mine at CVS.   Micheal’s for glue and glitter.  I place glitter in a dish. Brush glue onto one side of the pin and dip in glitter.  Shack off excess.   Clip up to dry.

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