Woot-Woot the POPSUGAR must have just arrived. I know what you’re thinking, geeeezz this chick gets excited about everything, right? Well it’s pretty spot on. I love getting fun deliveries and finding packages at my door. Even when I order something like vitamins “boring…snooze” I get excited to see a package waiting for me. It’s kind of like when my Parents and Grandparents were younger (way-back-when, or as they would say…back in my day) and they were expecting a letter from a loved one. They waited for the letter and checked the mail box every day, because there was no such thing as e-mail etc…remember? It’s really just like that.

Only the POPSUGAR must have box is the Bomb Dizzle! You never know whats inside the perfectly pink box, but you know for sure it’s loaded with ultimate awesomeness and its so flipping fun to open!

Kind of like…Yippee…it’s here

Dominique AnselOkay, how excited was I to see the Dominique Ansel The Secret Recipes, from Simon & Schuster? The answer is seriously excited and I can’t wait to try out a few or all of the amazing recipes. This book is gorgeous with some of the most amazing food shots I have ever seen; “Swooning.”

Popsugar November must have box G H Cretors popped cornYou know I love my little portioned snacks and this G. H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popped Corn is the perfect combination of sweet, salty and savory. Note to self; open alone when no ones home, or its gone.

Sorial New York Popsugar November must have boxAdorable and the perfect size, not to mention navy blue is only perfect for me. This little Sorial purse packs a powerful awesomeness! Brad and I walk everywhere “everywhere in walking distance” and I can fit my cell phone, money, lip gloss and little travel toothbrush all in this little purse and have no desire or need for a larger purse. It’ really as cute as it looks too.Wine glass writer PopsugarJust in time for the festive holidays. What a great idea, Wine Glass Writer! How cute will these be in a pretty bowl or glass next to your drink station or bar cart? Love-in it!

lotion Popsuga must have box NovemberIt took Brad about 2 seconds to swoop in on this K. Hall Simpatico Ambergris Shea Butter Cream. I can’t say I blame him; it smells amazing and I love the smell on him…purrrrrrr!

POPSUGUAR NOVEMBER MUST HAVE BOX TINY PRINTS STANTIONARYThese are the sweetest little note cards from Tiny Prints and of course I’m loving my color crush…Navy! There is a discount coupon in the box. I’m all over that and here is a little top secret code (NOV14SELECT) for only you from POPSUGAR with $10.00 off a three month subscription to the must have box. Can you imagine, three months of excitement hitting your front door…Woot-Woot!

POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BOX SURPRISE LOVE ENJOYWell…that was exciting, fun and fabulous! Smooches and xoxoxoxo, Julie

Thank you POPSUGAR for providing me with this complimentary POPSUGAR must have box. The opinions I have shared with you about the box are 100% authentically mine.  More about my policy.

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