Powder room crush

powder room finalHello Loves! Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you obsess about it? I’m not just saying something you occasional think about and kind of want. I’m talking seriously have to get it or you’ll probably die. Well…that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my point…right?

Here’s my obsession confession; I have been crushing over Emily’s powder room (Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere) since the day she posted it. Obviously the room is stunning and every detail is perfect; but OMG that wallpaper designed by Ellie Cashman Designs is beyond spectacular! Would you not agree? I want it soooo bad!

This leads me to today post. Going big and going for it in small spaces. All of these powder rooms took courage mixed with a little risk to pull off fantastic results. Just because it’s a little room doesn’t mean it can’t deliver big style.

So, here is my take away for you. If you love it, you should have it. If it scares you, it’s okay. If you go big in a small space, go for it. Don’t let up. Take the style to the max. Smooches loves, see you tomorrow. xoxo
165929567495678686{Meow,via Angelsho.me}4c2fda0cc48061d5451d6462b4185462{Bow-wow via idulgy.com}3ed4ab395d00 {Big statement lighting via La Dolce Vita}09-hbx-peacock-feather-wallpaper-redd-0214-lgn{Don’t forget to fluff your feathers, via House Beautiful}xoxo, Julie

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