quinoa crush is on the menu

quinoa crush from burlap and crystalAfter pigging out on leftover turkey, mashed potato’s, stuffing etc. for the past three days my bod is totally craving light, healthy simplicity. I’m crushing on quinoa because; you can add anything to it and stretch it into an entire meal.

Quinoa is so easy to prepare. You can buy plain quinoa or boxed quinoa with season packets. I do both, but today I used Near East quinoa brown rice blend with rosemary and olive oil. I follow the package cooking instructions. Occasionally I replace half the water with chicken or vegetable broth, but not today…keeping it simple. At the 14-minute mark on the slow cook, I add a cup each of frozen edamame for a little protein, frozen corn and dried cranberries with two boxes of quinoa. Serve a healthy scope cold or hot of the quinoa on a bed of arugula tossed in olive oil lemon. Save plenty of sliced lemon to squeeze over the top. Can you say yum? Happy eating, smooches xoxoQuinoa crush Quinoa CrushQuinoa crush saladQuinoa Crush saladQuinoa crush salad.xoxo, Julie

  1. Hello Julie,

    Yummy, this recipe looks so good and so healthy I need to try it!

    Your family pics are so hilarious, reminds me a lot of our family pics ;-D

    Have a great day!

    XOXO Sherri

  2. Hi Sheri,

    There is one thing you can count on in this family when we all get together…never a doll moment and don’t plan on getting a word in over all the clamoring. We do have fun and are blessed to live near enough to see each other.

    On another note the quinoa is awesome. I love that it’s simple, but feels like an entire meal. Smooches my friend! xoxo

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