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ae9cc8e1b9c1818ef27f9378f04f3284ba5f3162014ebb60eaaa69df19d0b68e3d4f979229882891e0af7ef541add4cfaa9270e863c3c945da1ba95c9a731abb2c9e543fa1f4ab5ae547f9dc5457bdd4Adventskranz8488332e98d7234b4b45a976cf94b2c244c72862d4779eeee79c43d4bff57a740d2d3a776087e2d04edb9a2c9f9fec1axoxo, JulieOh I do love the first rainy days. That is a long as they don’t last longer then three days. The first day of big rain screams to me…jump in a puddle, cook comfort food in the kitchen, snuggle up with books, maybe even curl up in bed, light a fire and all the candles, sip hot teal all day, heat up some oranges and apples to make the house smell amazing and last but not least bring the dogs in.  After all no one wants to smell a soggy dog! Smooches xoxo

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  1. Oh Julie,

    All of the above is ok for 3 days… And so true, that’s all I’ve been doing, cooking comfort food, lighting candles, reading my I pad ;-D and snuggling, hoping that winter will go by as fast as possible… I wish I could hibernate until spring… But everytime I come home from a walk with Nicky, it really Does smell soggy dog !!!!!!!

    We’ve had lots of rainy days that have turned into snowy days 🙁 It looks beautiful, the kids love it but I freeze… I’m just not cut out for this type of weather .

    I love your pink and black post, I think it’s a real nice combo! I started Instagram if you want to see a few pictures of me etc… It’s : sherri_annelee

    Bisous bisous have a very nice Friday , love Sherri

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