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The skinny confidential Lauryn and the bookHello Loves! I have been so excited to share this post with you. My sweet inspiration, Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential has written a book that is well…Amazing! I am a proud parent…seriously beaming! The Skinny confidential, a babe’s sexy, sassy fitness and lifestyle guide is all that and more. The book is packed with of course, Lauryn’s quick-witted humor, positive attitude, inspiration, motivation, easy adaptable healthy habits, fantastic healthy recipes, fitness for everyone, beauty pointers and fashions tips to flatter. Oh and I can’t forget to include her in your face, no excuses, WTF…lets get real punches all the way through.

It is true Lauryn is my daughter, so I’m expected to love everything she does, but I’m being completely honest here; the book is must read! You will laugh out loud “LOL”, clean out your refrigerator, get off your ass and get some fitness into you life and take away practical tools that will help you bring balance into your life. I completely loved the book and can actually hear Lauryn’s voice while reading it.

I prepared this recipe from the book, Cilantro’s award-winning three cheese chile rellenos with fresh papaya salsa. This recipe is from Brads Restaurant and is a huge local favorite. I’m pretty sure Brad made this for me the night I fell in love with him; It’s that’s good! The recipe is in the book The Skinny Confidential along with many other truly healthy and yummy dishes. The book and recipes can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Enjoy each day and smooches xoxo The skinny confidential recipeThe skinny confidential recipeThe skinny confidential recipeThe skinny confidential recipeThe Skinny Confidential, get the recipe Buy the book here or here!Lauryn The skinny confidentialxoxo, Julie

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