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This cool find was one of our stops while I was in Reno helping Susie.  Susie has completely changed her diet to healthy in order to prep her body for her battle with Lyme.   She inspired me and got me “the cupcake lover” to try vegan.   The Pneumatic Diner is this hip little vegan spot in Reno Nevada.   I loved everything about it!  The great atmosphere, fun guys working there and the amazing food I would never try, if not for Susie getting me there.   Susie ordered fresh to order vegetable juice.  I was speechless and wanted one for myself.  We then ordered lunch, a PBJ with cucumber “my new favorite thing” and the Bayard vegan pesto rice bowl  topped off with a carrot milkshake.   I wish these guys had a place here in San Diego,  I would be stopping in four days a week.   Don’t go to Reno without putting this on your visit list.   You can thank me later.  Enjoy!  xoxo

{cool details, chalkboards and neon ceiling}

{off the charts vegetable juice}

{pesto rice bowl, as good as it looks}

{my PBJ with cucumber}

{carrot milkshake}

{Pneumatic Diner}

{Pneumatic Diner 501 West 1st St. Reno Nevada 89503}

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