San Diego Fires

10155938_10202413183275517_463290736604596452_nHello Loves…I’m completely distracted from blogging and honestly, I’m just too sad and concerned about what is now our third day of fires. It’s like a war zone!

We live right on the ocean, so I think our home will be fine and we won’t have to evacuate this time, but we have a lot of friends suffering terrifying worries and in some cases the loss of their homes.

If you could just take a moment to send some prayers…that would be Awesome! Smooches xoxoxxoxo, Julie

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  1. OMG! Julie, this is terrifying… No words to describe 🙁 I hope you are & your loved ones are safe! Praying for you all my friend. This is my email address in case you want to reach me :

    Looking forward to hearing from you And sending you my love,
    XOXO Love Sherri

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