san diego weekend

Another week ends and along with it many moments enjoyed.   My amazing, enterprising  Son Myles, sold a car one day and bought a new car the next day.  All with his own money.  In case you can’t hear me,  “I’m proud”!

It has been HOT and HUMID.  I not complaining, but I’m California spoiled, so I did notice.  I noticed so much that we made beds in the house for all the dogs.  They too enjoyed the AC along with us.  (Note picture of Murphy, Happy as a Lab).  We stayed home Saturday night.  Brad and I took a warm jacuzzi after tennis, played with the dogs, watched movies, while I sifted through stacks and stacks of old magazines, pulling the articles and images that inspire me.  Then Saturday Night Live came on.  I watched, laughed  and fell sound asleep.  All is good and I’m almost ready for Monday?xoxo, Julie

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