san diego weekend, mimi’s birthday

gerber daisey and tulipsWell my peanut is officially 16 years old. She takes her behind the wheel drivers test on Wednesday-so cool right? Life isn’t stressful enough, now Mimi’s on the road, “OMG! ”  The truth is Mimi is going to be a fine driver, but as a parent I can’t help but worry…just a little. We did a small get together Sunday night with family and a few of Mimi’s friends. BTW, nice pic Devin!  Mimi ordered up a mango tart from Urban-Pi in the place of a Birthday cake (an excellent choice), white chicken enchiladas, queso blanco and coconut macaroons. I put together a simple little centerpiece for outdoor dinning with Gerber Daisey’s and tulips in mason jars. Simple, casual and sweet. Keep making every day an event… xo                                                                                                                P.S. I’m actually glad we don’t have room for a ton of dishes at the cottage…loving paper plates “they are the Bomb!”tulips and gerber daiseymimi's birthdaymango tartMimigerber daiseyxoxo, Julie

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