Screw growing old gracefully!

Julie edited Howdy Loves, Happy Taco Tuesday! So does anyone remember that I started an awesome health and fitness program with adorable, motivating Sara Christensen? Yep, I told you about it last week and encouraged you to join in on the virtual program to loose 10lbs in 30 days with me. I don’t know how many of you joined in, but I kicked off my start yesterday. Actually, I started prep on Sunday with grocery shopping and of course took advantage of my last day prior to the program to go splurge. I ate all day Sunday. The only thing I missed out on was French toast, but a giant  breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese was a close second.

Anyways…I’m all in and doing this thing. In fact, I’m really taking a good look at some of my good and many bad habits. The bad habits is on an endless list that includes wine, tequila, margaritas, bread, cheese, bread on my butter, ranch dressing on everything “like, hello…just bring me ranch dressing with my margarita please.” Can you feel me?

So with all this self-reflection I thought I should start with me at the beginning of the 10lbs in 30 days, (that’s me on the chair). I’m not exactly overweight, but with age creeping up on me (like an flipping sledge hammer), I have slowly gained and I personally know I would feel better about myself if I took a little better care of myself on the inside and out.

So, while Sara is working to help me eat better, exercise more and ultimately drop those crappy 10lbs, I thought I should share of few of the things I’m doing right and pass on the goods.

F—K growing old gracefully. That’s not for me. I’m totally good with botox, fillers, facials etc., but really don’t get any of it as often as I should; mostly because I have children with needs bigger than my need for botox, However, that’s not to say that about 8 months ago I didn’t have my forehead and laugh lines done and I’m really noticing it’s time again. I will keep you posted when I’m totally ready again. For now I’m sharing the goods on what I am doing right and a few products that I swear by. Smooches xoxo

ORDER HERE: Stila concealer can be ordered herePur  mineral  cream here, Kinerase C8 Peptide order here,

Pur is absolutely the best super hydrating moisturizer I have ever used. I have super dry skin (on antihistamines all the time) and Pur just holds moisture and really smooths the appearance of my line. Love…love this cream! BTW…you can order these in the links above.

Kinerase C8 Peptide is a secret weapon. I will never let myself go without it.
• Snap-8, the newest neuropeptide, reduces the depth and appearance of wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions up to 34.9%.
• Stabilized vitamin C, a natural brightener and collagen booster, evens skin tone as it fills in the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Kinetin (0.1% N6 Furfuryladenine), a powerful plant growth factor, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
• Beta-Glucan stimulates skin’s natural immune response while promoting skin regeneration. Helps protect skin from losing moisture by improving skin barrier function.
• Green Tea & Vitamin E are powerful anti-oxidants that ward off free radicals.
The stila concealer goes on and stays on with a little brightener. It seems to feel moist too and I need that.
body glowBaked body frosting…I use it all over. It’s just enough color, not to much and giveS you a glow. The Lorac gloss is the bomb dizzle!daily intakeAlthough I plan to eat right for the next 30 days, I have always taken vitamin supplements for my skin, hair and overall health. I work out too, but I need more.h20Water is a precious commodity. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. I drink at least one 33oz. bottle of water a day, sometimes even more in addition to green tea and kombucha . Water is essential!xoxo, Julie


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