Spring DIY front door update

DIY front door spring update

Greetings from California!

Hey Loves, hope you’re up for a quickie? I have an awesome post I’ve been working on regarding my mission to get bikini ready, health and anti-aging, but before I knew it my entire tribe was home and well…my office is in the communication center of the house so, I had to ask myself these questions. Is it okay for me to stop working? Will I regret not getting this post done? Or, will I stop and embrace my beautiful family in the same room at the same time? Which one would I regret more?

Life is truly short and I dearly love you for being here, but sometime we have moments that we have to stop and capture and they just might not come again. So, having said that, ask yourself the same questions from time to time. Can I pick up where I left off with work? Better yet, will I be able to pick up this opportunity to spend time with the ones I love, or is now when I have to capture it?

I am so truly blessed for this day, for you, for my family and for stopping…

I’m sending all of you a smooch and a hug! xoxo

Potted plants make for a quick DIY door welcome. Fresh and super easy!

Easter door arrangement with fresh potted plants. Super easy DIY

Oh and for today’s spring DIY, if you remember back at Christmas I introduced the door basket with fresh plants and flowers. Then again I did and update and today I added store bought potted plants and literally just stuck them in the basket. Easy-peezy!

The door is ready for Spring and the Easter weekend. xoxo

spring front door potted plant update. Fun and easy DIY

Dressing up the front door for spring. Easy DIY that changes with the seasons.xoxo, Julie

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  1. Hi Julie,
    So beautiful your flower arrangement, fresh colorful, good for the soul!
    After reading your post, I would choose to embrace the moments when all your loved ones are there with you and put work on hold… Even if it’s just for a day or 2… Such precious moments when they all come home 😉 Happy Easter my friend,
    XOXO Sherri

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