Squash Quesadilla is on the menu

Sqaush as a main dishHey Loves…Happy Tuesday. I missed posting yesterday, because my apple needed a little Dr. visit. She’s back and I’m at it again with a little something for the menu.

On Sunday Brad and I stopped in the Rancho Santa Fe farmers market. I was in the mood for stuffed squash blossoms, but none of the vendors had them. We found what ended up being a great alternative, little petite squash. We also came home with a fab find, Gen 7 Wine sparkling pomegranate and rosemary jelly. This jelly is Awesome and gave our salsa a perfect sweet hint of champagne.

I love it when Brad is in the mood to put on music, make me a margarita and get his sweet little butt cooking in the kitchen. I sat on my tuf-fit sipping my margarita and snapped pictures…until it was time for another margarita. Snap-snap and Cheers!

The recipe is below, smooches xoxo
Champagne jamCilantroSquashSqaush casadiaSquash casadiaChampagne jelly salsaTHREE CHEESE SQUASH QUESADILLA WITH CHAMPAGNE POMEGRANATE SALSA
• 6/8 each-Squash or squash blossoms (seasonal- found at many Farmers Markets and Specialty Produce Stands)
• 6-Roma Tomato’s
• Bunch-Cilantro
• 1-Yellow or Purple Onion
• 3-limes
• Gin 7 Wines Pomegranate and Rosemary Jelly(found in Specialty Stores ie Williams Sonoma or Farmers Markets
• Goat Cheese Crumbles or Slice
• Queso Fresco (Found in most Markets in Mexican Cheese area) Chop or pull in Crumbles
• Sharp Cheddar, Sliced in lengths
• Uncooked Med Flour Tortilla
• Olive Oil
• Salt
• Pepper
• For more Spice add a Serrano or Jalapeno Chile. De-Seed the Chile (Warning-careful when handling chilies and what you TOUCH)

Sautee Whole Squash Blossoms with 2 diced Roma Tomatoes and Olive Oil. Start on mid heat/flame. Cook till translucent or al-dente’ on simmer
Chop remaining Tomatoes (no dice), Onion and Cilantro, add Chiles if making Hot version. Add 6 Tablespoons of Gin 7 Pomegranate to the mixture.
Over a Med Flame start uncooked Flour Tortilla in pan and finish on your Grid Pan for detail Markings (To get exceptional Markings pre-grease your Grid Pan with Olive Oil using a paper towel.
Pull Tortillas onto a sheet pan adding cheeses, sautéed’ Squash Blossom Flowers and Salsa
Put under low/mid broiler till cheese melted into Squash salsa blend.
Remove from broiler and Fold Tortilla over and Slice to serve. Usually there are three to four triangular servings per Quesadilla.

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