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Picking the right coffee table for your space is a key element to styling the entire feel of a room. I always gravitate to larger in scale unless your space just won’t allow for it. In this case I’m gushing with obsession, because I’m crazy about the low profile, high impact and a modern twist to a global traditional shape. I found this on Chairish “my go to source for one of a kind perfection.”  This is one of those tables that really gets the job done by creating the style of a room.

How you style the tabletop is the next layer. There really isn’t a magic formula. It comes down to what I call the four basics.

1. Bring in the drama and impact, like a tall over scaled floral arrangement.
2. Beautiful coffee table books are a most.
3. Visual interest, objects that move your eye around the table and room.
4. Lighting or in this case, a yummy candle. This accomplishes four things, warmth, glow, aroma and a splash of color.

Pick items you may already have or love. Draw out a plan giving the tabletop different levels of height, color and visual interest. Keep it personal and what speaks to you and you will have a room that reflects you and your style.

coffee table picture shop the style
01. The perfect coffee table
02. The book impact
03. Love knot sculpture
04. Quartz rocks
05. Pop of teal candle
06. Statement cherry blossom arrangement
07. The Dogs book

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