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{Above the entry doors are stunning!}

Hello Loves! OMG I thought my Vegas gig was going to be all work and no play. I packed in 5 minutes thinking only about comfortable clothes for three days of hauling furniture and shopping until I drop “I had to borrow and buy shoes and clothes everyday day. What was I thinking”? Well…I did shop until I dropped, but I also partied like a Rock Star. I mean literally…like a Rock Star, it was flipping so much fun and amazing! I will give you all the censored details on Friday, but for now take a peak at some of the elements of this beautiful home. Smooches for now and have a Happy Day!IMG_1643-1024x682{The Wine room just off the entry}IMG_1646-734x1024{The dinning room is almost complete. I’m looking for a mirror over the buffet and changing the centerpiece to me something more low profile and long.}IMG_1650-1024x679{These are absolutely the most beautiful Champagne glasses I have ever seen}IMG_1665-1024x682{This is a view from the kitchen looking into the living space and lounge or party room}IMG_1654-1024x682{The lounge is almost done. We made a few changes by moving art around and it really gave the room immediate balance.}IMG_1657-682x1024{The light fixture over the kitchen table…really cool!}Susie, Sandy and I took a little time to read my Lauryn’s book THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL, we then hit the fridge for a quick healthy snack and then hit the gym.

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  1. Wow Julie, such a wonderful gigantic house and so classy! So nice to have a break from the routine “even though it was for work” , it seems like you had a ball!

    I’m wondering about the book of your daughter, what’s it about? I was thinking about ordering it on Amazon.

    Have good Wednesday my friend, till soon,
    XOXO Sherri

    1. Hi Sherri,

      It was a blast. I love being with my friends and can’t wait to go back and put the finishing touches on Sandy’s house. Smooches xoxo

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