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Masculine living spacesThere is something so sexy when a man’s home shows off his strength, masculinity and stylish smarts. The kind of space that as a chick you walk in and immediately feel cared for and safe; like a fortress locking out anything that could harm you. We love spaces like this that keep us warm and safe; the kind of space that feels as good to be in as it does when you’re curled up in his arms.

We love these spaces as long as we don’t live in them! The second we agree to live in the man cave we want to change it; because as much as we love the man and the cave, we feel alienated when the space becomes half ours. It’s not that we want to change the man. We love the man; we need to have the cave be as much about us “the chick” as the man/dude. Better yet, we crave the space to reflect the couple that you’ve become together.

Trust me…if a man lives in style, like these rooms. he’s going to resist the change you bring to the room. Just saying…get ready, this is where you get very cleaver and begin making very small changes until one day he walk in the room and realizes you have taken over the space…Perfection, right!
69461b376745670b53e9fd68efb0ea24{Definitely a crawl into worthy bedroom. No doubt, you added the flowers}

b957d813bb217d7d1869c80b3c6d8830{Let him have his office. It’s his sanctuary and he will only resent you if you intrude.}


imlab-countryhome-5Pictures via: Pinterest “Follow Me”  Pillows focal pint styling, Living Space, Domain Home, Splendidsass, Apartment Therapy, Miss design, Bathroom.

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