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tumblr_mufbsohxFM1rkuhmco1_500What’s old is new again. Isn’t that what happens with all style, both in fashion and in the home? It seems to comes in waves of 30 year cycles. I’m down with most of it, but if anyone thinks there’s a way to make olive green shag carpet all the rage again…I vote we join forces and rise against them.

The new bohemian is not that unlike the original vibe. It’s still reflective of the traveler from a far away land…like Bohemia…just saying, or the gypsy going from place to place with her/his worldly possessions. An interesting, effortless and carefree feel comes with a touch of bohemian. It’s about using what you have and making use of it. Allowing space to have its own feel without over-complicating it. A stack of suitcases becomes a bedside table. Grandmothers old shawl serves as a slipcover or a macramé curtain is now doing time as a doorway room divider.

I really do have to say I love the revival. This time around Bohemian is getting its style on with glam and it totally works (not pictured here). I love contradiction and mixing the two is the perfect imperfect pair. Is there a little Bohemian in you?

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bohemian kitchen317ad510e480d4a83cdf478a85fe067d5154b7cfe992d4e1c319a7453b45e139bohemiantumblr_lh7gbph9Ti1qc7vazo1_500d224f44d67c9aafd48dd39e429ae9c93xoxo, JulieSources:  Pinterest and Please follow me, Ruby Rhino, Interiordecling tumblr, Sea of Girasoles, Bohemian Ambiance, Bohemian design tumblr, Sea of secrets.

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